1. Autismus, So Far

    2020-11-23 09:34:00 UTC
    This past year, I have began creating one of my first series, titled ‘Autismus’ it’s a series all about my personal journey with my autism and how since my early diagnosis, I have grown into adulthood with it. I have always known I have autism, but I never truly understood…

  2. The Waiting Game

    2020-11-16 15:39:55 UTC
    I’ve gotten to the point in this year long project of writing a blog post every week, where I feel unsure as to how I wish to round off this year. As we draw into the end of 2020, I feel a pressure to perfectly end this year, writing exactly…

  3. (Im)Perfect(ion)

    2020-11-09 15:18:00 UTC
    “Have no fear of perfection - you’ll never reach it.”  ― Salvador Dali What would you rather be? Perfect or Imperfect? For me, I have realised I can be a beautiful combination of the both: I never want to choose one or the other, so I will keep my writing…

  4. Apart

    2020-11-02 08:50:21 UTC
    Apart. This can mean two things: we are a part to be separated from something. It can also be to be apart of something involved and together. At the moment we are both of these at the same time. We are together, but divided at the same time. Never in…

  5. Monthly Reflection: October

    2020-10-26 13:28:44 UTC
    October: the month where we began to feel autumnal and I finally created some concepts I have had planned for over a year Heres some personal highlights from this month: -shot surrounded in mannequins and beautifully decayed walls -my partners brother and his partner got engaged! -released my first ever…

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