1. Love Letter to Self.

    2020-09-14 08:26:30 UTC
    Dear future me, I exist knowing everything that I know, taking each moment from my past as a life lesson. I hold onto those memories (as faint as most may be by now) and continue this journey with them close by. My past makes me who I am, and it…

  2. The Day He Was Born- 23 Today

    2020-09-09 06:39:31 UTC
    “Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have.”― Doris Mortman To be bold is to not only rejoice in having courage to speak up, but to have a voice in the first place. My mom reminded me recently that I went through…

  3. Monthly Reflection: August

    2020-08-31 12:10:02 UTC
    August You now when you don’t do something, and then everyday goes by and you keep thinking, oh I still haven’t done that thing, well August has felt like that! I have had photo ideas that I am loosing the love for slowly fade away from being created, jobs to…

  4. Raid my Props/Costumes!

    2020-08-24 07:59:47 UTC
    When it comes to my photography, I tend to prefer styling everything for myself. This is because I am the fussiest when it comes to my work, only wanting to create with exactly what I feel will benefit my concept, and will visually find consistency with my portfolio.  Because of…

  5. Why Darkness?

    2020-08-17 08:53:31 UTC
    ‘if you could see my darkness.’ Self portrait, July 2020. Why indeed: Darkness. This is something I have recently been pondering over, darkness has acted as an almost innate response when creating, an instinct. I find in my photography I am drawn to darker thematics and visuals. I’ve had people…

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