Self portraiture is a way for me to find empowerment within myself, transforming into a plethora of diverse characters to showcase a personal spectrum of growth. Where once I would hide from what dwelled inside of me, photography acted as that release that freed those delicate vulnerabilities. An early diagnosis of a mild form of Autism has inspired my longing to understand how it is apart of my everyday life, growing and learning as I unravel a more hidden part of myself. 

 Opting to portray surrealist emotions through a matching style, my work achieves this by capturing a harmony of mediums; embracing my fashion and theatre backgrounds within my work.

 I hope to bring fantasy into our everyday lives, seeing magic in even the mundane. this juxtaposition inspires a style that has been recently featured in the magazine ‘Practical Photography.’ The work I create has also been used for personal benefit, as well as independent print sales and for companies, such as a collaboration with Panasonic.

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