My art looks to inspire self empowerment, through embracing our vulnerabilities. This is celebrated through fragile and detailed imagery, centered around the narratives. In my work, I talk about personal fears and darker experiences. I give my characters opportunities to wear these like a crown. How can we appreciate our light when we brush the darkness under the bed, ignored? I hope that my work can show people how multi-layered each one of us is, showing a unity in our humanity.  

I talk in my work about personal experiences such as mental health and my ever-growing relationship with my autism. I choose to represent these in my work through visuals such as decay, bones, and shadow filled corners of a woodland. 

My new series 'Our Beautiful Demise' speaks on a similar theme: wearing our fears with pride, binding them tightly to our flesh. I have grown up fearful of my personal shadows, I now instead hope to educate others on this and create a platform to spotlight issues we all go through

 I hope to bring fantasy into our everyday lives, seeing magic in even the mundane. this juxtaposition inspires a style that has been recently featured in the magazine ‘Practical Photography.’ The work I create has also been used for personal benefit, as well as independent print sales and for companies, such as a collaboration with Panasonic.

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