1. in the pursuit

    2020-02-17 17:29:18 UTC
    I am in the pursuit of something.  something that is full of something-ness. we content our lives with content waiting to be filled  do we wait for inspiration  or decide to find it for ourselves? lately, I have been contemplating what I want to fill my life with, whether it…

  2. What makes a great location?

    2020-02-10 16:24:56 UTC
    Time for a technical/handy blog post that aims to help you find inspiration anywhere to shoot! When I began my photography, I found myself going to the same spots, but always finding somewhere new in that space to inspire a shoot. The location can either be a second thought, or…

  3. To craft: putting heart and effort into your work

    2020-02-03 11:28:52 UTC
    “To craft: putting heart and effort into your work” Now this blog title came to my head one day, and today I want to dissect it and see why it feels prominent in my way of working (this doesn’t have to be the same for you, but it may be…

  4. Monthly Reflection: January

    2020-01-26 21:25:00 UTC
    This month has been a nice stepping stone into 2020, I do a yearly project where I either create a photo a day for 5 days in the run up to Christmas, or the same, but from New Years day. This year I decided to do the latter and created…

  5. 1 Incredible Talent VS Good at Lots

    2020-01-20 10:37:00 UTC
    I had this thought on the drive home from a busy day of shooting and seeing lots of amazing friends; I thought about my talent, and how I do what I do, to the best of my ability (naturally!) And how I describe myself in a certain way “A fine…

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