1. 1 Incredible Talent VS Good at Lots

    20 Jan 2020
    I had this thought on the drive home from a busy day of shooting and seeing lots of amazing friends; I thought about my talent, and how I do what I do, to the best of my ability (naturally!) And how I describe myself in a certain way “A fine…

  2. Achievements

    13 Jan 2020
    Sometimes our biggest achievements  aren’t the shiny trophies sat on the sill, amongst cobwebs and  alike.  They’re the achievements that  sit proudly in our hearts- no dust, cobwebs or age for they are forever being  collected and hung proudly. I could so go on about trophies and certificates e.t.c, the…

  3. About me- Growing up.

    06 Jan 2020
    “today you are you, thats is truer than true there is no one alive who is more you-er than you.” -Dr Seuss. I wanted to start these blog posts, introducing and new readers to me- and also any of my followers that may not know much about me.  I was…

  4. My Hopes for 2020.

    30 Dec 2019
    With 2019 being over, we are given an opportunity to start fresh- an official new beginning that allows us to try new things, and become open to new opportunities.  I like to believe that we can take this opportunity whenever throughout the year, but it can feel more reassuring what…

  5. ‘you must love me’

    02 Nov 2019
    ‘you must love me’ Thesis (these are the original notes I had written down upon planning out this series fully. It was a great way to release my ideas and explore my thoughts deeper than I ever have. I hope this can act as a good insight into the intent…

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