1. Monthly Reflection: April

    2020-04-27 14:13:22 UTC
    April: it happened!  I am a little shocked at how mast this month really has gone, after March feeling like a century and half with all this crazy change, this month seems to be flowing quite nicely by. I’ve felt pleasantly inspired, meaning I’ve created a lot more then I…

  2. the circus within

    2020-04-20 18:35:15 UTC
    within me is a circus one of mottled performers casting a safety net out to  catch their fellow comrades how often, do you think they look out into the audience desperate to make a connection? When I used to perform,  all you could see where lights it was like anyone…

  3. “No pain: No gain.”

    2020-04-13 10:15:12 UTC
    thats the thing about pain they say you’re meant to gain from it. But what happens when the due date  of your gaining isn’t decided? What do we do in the meantime until we find the capability to gain.  just pain… ‘better’- a photo acting as a diary entry as

  4. Discovering yourself: Inspired to be You.

    2020-04-06 14:26:59 UTC
    Now we are not going subtle today, we are diving deep into a topic I think’s really real to a lot of us, its one of my greatest foes as both an artist and just as a person. It is something I have not yet entirely mastered, but depending on…

  5. Monthly Reflection: March

    2020-03-30 07:52:43 UTC
    What. A. MONTH! If we thought is was starting funny, boy were we no way near prepared for what was in stall for us! All I can really reflect on this month is how incredibly scaring, humbling and uniting it has been. The world has been put on stand-still, normality…

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