1. How to do Self Portraiture (and why)

    2020-08-10 09:00:33 UTC
    Last weeks blog we talked about the beauty of self portraiture, this week I wanted to talk with you about how exactly you can take a self portrait. I hoped last weeks blog post (which you should take a look at if you haven’t already!) Could inspire some creative minds…

  2. The Beauty Of Self Portraiture

    2020-08-03 08:37:06 UTC
    Self Portraiture has always been a way for me to create freely and honestly. I mostly began this journey, back in 2013, taking majoritively self portraits. These acted as the foundation of my creative journey. I was able to learn about how to take photos of people. I was able…

  3. Monthly Reflection: July

    2020-07-27 16:49:12 UTC
    July- you’ve been a month worth remembering, shall we dive into why that? :D  Usually, I would spend my time, focusing on creating, running out to some dark location and shooting a million photos. This month however, I must admit I have done my fair share of that! But I’ve…

  4. Music as Inspiration

    2020-07-17 07:30:20 UTC
    Music is one really big inspiration in my work. Much like what I had talked about in a previous blog post, where I opened up about inspiration in my work, I find music is a new avenue of inspiration I have come to explore and inevitably admire and put into…

  5. The Art of Being an Artist

    2020-07-13 15:25:39 UTC
    “The artist must bow to the monster of his own imagination.” ― Richard Wright Being an artist, I believe is an art form in itself. We create vulnerably to basically strangers, allowing them to judge and critique what we do. But it also means being able to be openly ourselves…

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