1. The Art of Being an Artist

    13 Jul 2020
    “The artist must bow to the monster of his own imagination.” ― Richard Wright Being an artist, I believe is an art form in itself. We create vulnerably to basically strangers, allowing them to judge and critique what we do. But it also means being able to be openly ourselves…

  2. Finding Inspiration

    06 Jul 2020
    Inspiration is such a key part to creativity, in the past I would tend to only seek inspiration through other photographers work. But more recently I have come to realise that there is so much inspiration to be found out there, in all kinds of mediums. Heres a list of…

  3. Monthly Reflection: June

    29 Jun 2020
    As we come to the end of June, its time to reflect on what this month has brought me and see how far we’ve come Some things I’ve been able to achieve: 1) Went to a Black Lives Matter protest 2) Attended my Brooke Shaden mentoring group every Saturday. 3)…

  4. Consistency in the otherwise Inconsistent

    22 Jun 2020
    I love this contrasting title, it’s one that spontaneously came to me, and I knew it would be perfect as a blog topic.  So lets discuss shall we! In these crazy times right now, I have come to accept that one of the greatest devices we have to aid us…

  5. Half Way There! Reflection on 2020 so far.

    15 Jun 2020
    Lets just take a second to breathe and reflect! *in for 3* *hold for 3* *out for 3* *thinks about this year so far* *regrets thinking about this year so far* Only joking!  It has been a hurricane of a year, but one with some bright spots amongst the chaos. …

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