This can mean two things:

we are a part

to be separated from


It can also be

to be apart of something

involved and together.

At the moment we are both of these at the same time. We are together, but divided at the same time. Never in my life have I felt this contrast so apparent; there is distance between us all and yet, we are closer than ever.

As England enters a second lockdown, I am reminded of this united spirit that came the first time around. I think of the hope we all held, I remind myself of how I was a part of history being made. I am reminded of how I was a part from my loved ones, but brought closer from valuing the time we do get together. 

I hope that with this second lockdown, we can reduce the spread and come closer over this changing festive period. 

I have decided that I want to keep going for the month of November. Which is why I am going to start a 30 day challenge, shooting a photo everyday for the month of November. I hope that this mini project will help bring some inspiration, joy and hope to those who may need it. I want to carry on in these difficult times, as well as bring some positivity to someone out there who isn’t feeling it at the moment. We will get through this and will come out to light and hope. 

Stay tuned for my 30 day project, shared on my instagram: www.instagram.com/thomasoscarmiles <3

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