1. Monthly Reflection: December

    2020-12-31 10:42:46 UTC
    We have come to end of a whirlwind of a year. I decided to reflect on this who year for this month, as I don’t think anybody wants to read about my drinking Singapore slings and doing noting over December! I am going to dive straight in a list some…

  2. 2020.

    2020-12-21 10:32:00 UTC
    the year we will never forget, whilst being the year we wish to forget. its the year nobody wanted, but all equally suffered through. Friends worked in tough situations, families were divided. Hugs were lost, love was gained. Time was treasured, time was lost. We hoped, hid and holded onto…

  3. Generations of Self

    2020-12-14 16:16:10 UTC
    As I have grown, I have come to understand that we bloom like flowers. We find ourselves at different stages of life, forever learning I wanted to take this opportunity to talk briefly about this idea, it’s one I’ve had for a few years, nestled in the back of my…

  4. Stream of Consciousness

    2020-12-07 12:33:23 UTC
    As I am completing this project of creating a new blog post every Monday for a whole year, I am left feeling both a pressure to put the best possible quality into what I am saying with these last few blog posts, but I am also feeling a hesitance. This…

  5. Monthly Reflection: November

    2020-11-30 10:48:13 UTC
    I can’t believe that at the start of this year, I had a giant list of monthly reflections pending writing, now I only have two! Its so surreal to see how many of these we’ve done together This month has been the month of my 30 day self portrait challenge…

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