1. ‘To The Ones I Love.’

    06 Aug 2019
    “A small photo series of portraits, dedicated to the people that have a positive impact in my life; to the ones I love, and that have shown me love back…” This last year has taught me that friends can quite easily turn their back on you, hurting you in the process.…

  2. When I Cry.

    20 Mar 2019
    About 12 hours before I took these photos, I was in a state of sadness, a kind I get more frequently, most recently. I consoled in my incredibly supportive partner who helped me get through it, I begin to tangent off in my mind and over-exaggerate small problems (that aren’t…

  3. World Book Day 2019. Books are Friends (so i’m told!)

    07 Mar 2019
    Today is World Book Day! A day like this gets me thinking about what it really means to me. I often find that I have a love/hate relationships with books. Whilst people say they “love to escape into the world of a good book” I simply cannot relate to this!…

  4. ‘Worthy.’ - Do We Deserve Success?

    03 Feb 2019
    No matter how many gems they would stick on that crown, the value of it would not grow greater in his eyes… Do we Deserve Success? What makes us worthy of the greatness that is either bestowed upon us, or the kind that we earn? More recently, I have been…

  5. opposite forces.

    03 Jan 2019
    “You couldn’t have strength without weakness, you couldn’t have light without dark, you couldn’t have love without loss” ― Jodi Picoult  The beauty of two complete opposites make them both stand strongly in their differences. We push and pull, taking the good and the bad in our strife. I have…

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