1. Horizons

    18 May 2020
    look here, i’m in sunlight. look down and through, i’m in shade. I wrote that little *I guess you’d call it* poem back in June/July of 2018, when we were in the middle of moving house. We were living in a little cottage, sharing the tiny space between three of…

  2. prioritising prioritise

    11 May 2020
    I wanted to talk today about what it means to balance the many focuses we may have. For me, I find I have many separate focuses in life, which can be broken down into two main catalogues: loved ones and work Lets break these down further… Work: This one used…

  3. Lesson Learnt

    04 May 2020
    This week I wanted to go over an idea I have been pondering over for a while now which is the title of this blog post: ‘Lesson Learnt.’ I have come to the conclusion that with every photoshoot, I learn something. Every photoshoot of mine that I’ve done I can…

  4. Monthly Reflection: April

    27 Apr 2020
    April: it happened!  I am a little shocked at how mast this month really has gone, after March feeling like a century and half with all this crazy change, this month seems to be flowing quite nicely by. I’ve felt pleasantly inspired, meaning I’ve created a lot more then I…

  5. the circus within

    20 Apr 2020
    within me is a circus one of mottled performers casting a safety net out to  catch their fellow comrades how often, do you think they look out into the audience desperate to make a connection? When I used to perform,  all you could see where lights it was like anyone…

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