1. ‘you must love me’

    02 Nov 2019
    ‘you must love me’ Thesis (these are the original notes I had written down upon planning out this series fully. It was a great way to release my ideas and explore my thoughts deeper than I ever have. I hope this can act as a good insight into the intent…

  2. ‘Shot In My World’- Partnership with LUMIX

    29 Sep 2019
    #ShotInMyWorld.- AD with LUMIX (ad on the instagram post of the final photo) My mother is a creator, a garden of life that helped me to blossom.  “But there’s a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall. How a scar got on your face. Sometimes the stories…

  3. Emotions / Emoticons

    17 Sep 2019
    🍑Emotions / Emoticons.🍆  “What are we left with when emojis encompass how we feel…” I was working in the fruit department one day in my regular person job, when I saw a crate of peaches sat there, and how as a millennial, myself amongst others see these as something humorous,…

  4. ‘To The Ones I Love.’

    06 Aug 2019
    “A small photo series of portraits, dedicated to the people that have a positive impact in my life; to the ones I love, and that have shown me love back…” This last year has taught me that friends can quite easily turn their back on you, hurting you in the…

  5. When I Cry.

    20 Mar 2019
    About 12 hours before I took these photos, I was in a state of sadness, a kind I get more frequently, most recently. I consoled in my incredibly supportive partner who helped me get through it, I begin to tangent off in my mind and over-exaggerate small problems (that aren’t…

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