the year we will never forget,

whilst being the year we wish to forget.

its the year nobody wanted,

but all equally suffered through.

Friends worked in tough situations,

families were divided.

Hugs were lost,

love was gained.

Time was treasured,

time was lost.

We hoped, hid and holded

onto the glimmer of hope

that is a horizon.

may your 2021 bring you the healing you need

may your 2021 bring you together 

may your 2021 bring lessons learnt and

moments treasured.


this year has taught me value of kindness; its heaviness has taught me to love harder and create bonds where otherwise they might have not been. I have come to accept that I have flaws, that I overthink, worry and stress.  But the intensity of those feelings have been counter-weighted with lots of love, celebration and appreciation of the time and things we have.

If you can do anything with this remaining time of this unique year, its to love that bit more; take every moment for what it is, and rejoice in the fact you’re able to live in that moment. There are always things to be grateful for, somewhere in that stormy sky is a silver lining I am sure. Lets keep going, keeping safe and sensible, so we can rejoice with our loved ones once more. <3


next week I will be reflecting on each month. its going to be a biiig post so I hope you’re ready! <3

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