Monthly Reflection: November

I can’t believe that at the start of this year, I had a giant list of monthly reflections pending writing, now I only have two! Its so surreal to see how many of these we’ve done together!

This month has been the month of my 30 day self portrait challenge and this is my last day! It has definitely been a challenge to say the least, but one I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have consistently created meaningful work that I have been putting off for the longest time, so this project has been like a weight lighted off of my shoulders.

So. because this month I have 30 shoots to reflect on (!!) I’ve decided to only talk about some of my personal favourites on here, as we’d all be here for so long. All the photos can be found over on my instagram (

Here we go!..

gold thread

one the first photo I did, this is one of the only photos in this whole project that I didn’t have pre-planned. This photo came spontaneously when I was shooting an idea I already had planned, I thought I might as well shoot 2 photos in one day whilst I had the set up. I loved introducing the thread and playing with the light and colours.

inside I’m soft

a long awaited photo to create, originally I wanted this to be more like the scarecrow in wizard of oz, but I thought the cloud/pillow stuffing was a great addition. This location was really just because its one of my favourite places. 

I think we all have softness inside, sometimes it’ll burst out more then we hope, but its a part of us that we should always cherish.


I created this photo for one of my blog posts that ive still been doing over this month. I wanted to talk about how perfection is so twisted, and whether we should strive for perfection or imperfection? You can read that whole blog post here: 

I shot this at the landing of my stairs with a dead rose that I keep at the side of my desk. I was inspired by WhimsicalView on instagram and the way that delicate, decaying things can still have beauty.


One of my personal faves from this project. As I have began to learn more about my autism, I was given some old records of my time going through speech therapy and other sorts of help. I was reminded of how I used to always ask my mom and step dad to draw this same house scene over and over: house with windows and a door, a tree to the side, a swing and a bright sun. 

I decided that I wanted to put myself into this scene and escape into my happy place, inventing it for myself. This photo can always be a reminder to me that my past is still a part of me, it should be hung proudly around my neck like a golden medal.

make it blue.

A more political photo, I found this amazing jacket and knew it would be perfect for this idea. I always drove past this patch of berries and love how vibrant they were against the dark background. I wanted to add a contrasting colour to mix it up!

After the news that Biden had one, I wanted to do a photo honoured this moment in time. So I took inspiration from one of my favourite Disney films ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and decided to make it blue like the fairies did to the dress. I loved this subtle nod to all these forms of inspiration and challenging myself to voice an opinion.

the fool

I remember I shot this on Friday 13th, I was having a day where I felt like this character: a fool. I kept tripping up on myself and feeling foolish in everything I did or said. I get moments like these as I’m sure everyone else does where no matter what you do, you feel like you’re wrong or being stupid. 

Dont worry, you’re not alone in that!

just a dream

I loved creating this wizard of oz inspired photo. I wanted it to be a nod to lockdown and isolation and how everything we see going on outside our homes is like a giant twister of impending doom. One day I hope that this will all feel like a dream and that we will exist in happiness again.

This was also the same window frame I used for my photo ‘home’ from before!

one for sorrow, two for joy.

this has to be one of my oldest ideas that I haven’t been able to create, why? I have no idea!! I knew in this project I finally wanted to create this concept, where I somehow had a magpie reflected, the challenge for me was working out how I would incorporate this into a self portrait, I never really came up with a strong idea, until I just went out and tried. 

This project has taught me to do just that: try! It doesn’t have the be the most polished perfect idea or final product, but can be a beautiful experience of letting your creativity flow, unlimited. <3


So thats it! 30 days of self portraits, it has honestly been such a unique experience, one I highly recommend all creatives- stretch your capabilities as a creative, think on the spot, run around trying to catch the last of the winter light and dare to create! 

I cherish all of these photos on their own merits, most of which are ideas I have never come around to bring to life, life feels just that bit lighter now. My mind feels ready for fresh ideas, and to cherish creating at a normal human pace again! Infinite love to you all and thank you so so soooo much for following along with me, your positive encouragement has meant the world to me and I couldn’t have done it without everyones support and love. <3

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