Monthly Reflection: December

We have come to end of a whirlwind of a year. I decided to reflect on this who year for this month, as I don’t think anybody wants to read about my drinking Singapore slings and doing noting over December! I am going to dive straight in a list some of my happiest moments/accomplishments this year:

1) Celebrated all my loved ones birthdays

2) Joined a Brooke Shaden mentoring group (friends for life!)

3) Partied before a certain pandemic came! (eating strawberrys hungover in my friends bed!)

4) Started a 1 second everyday project

5) Got my first wedding feature

6) Little getaways with my now finance

7) Started to go to a weekly pub quiz with my friends

8) Froclicked in spring blossom

9) London exploring!

10) Stayed positive as news of the pandemic came 

11) Created a photo everyday base on what my followers wanted to see.

12) Grew confidence to FaceTime call with family and friends

13) Kept my loved ones safe and worked as an essential worker

14) Distanced meetings with my now fiance

15) Consistently created blog posts, content and art to share.

16) Made props and costumes

17) Shot more daring and meaningful art

18) Got up at sunrise to listen to lady gaga’s new album on top of a hill

19) Protested for Black lives matter

20) Created an Autism Masking photo series and built my ‘Autismus’ series more.

21) Bought a new car

22) Shot with my best friend in the most beautiful way.

23) Every Tuesday seeing my nephews.

24) Standing near nude in a waterfall! 

25) Distanced picnic with friends


27) Started creating my ‘Our Beautiful Demise’ series.

28) Coloured my hair ginger like I always wanted it (miss it!)

29) Found a sunflower field to escape to

30) Ate out (something I never thought we’d be doing!)

31) My fiance’s beautiful nephew was born

32) Wore clothes I never thought I’d have the confidence to wear.

33) Had my tarot reading night with friends 

34) Got send boxes of designer pieces to create with 

35) Celebrated my Covid safe birthday

36) Peaks getaway (turning off my phone for a whole day!)

37) sunset on top of a childhood hill 

38) Assisted on a wedding workshop

39) Got my first Brooke Shaden print


41) Relished in mustard coloured leaves.

42) Learned more about my autism and grew with it.

43) Learned to value my work and my voice.

44) Teared up from genuine joy.

45) Created a photo everyday for the month of November. (creating concepts ive been dreaming of for 4 or more years!)

46) Built stronger bonds with my loved ones

47) Went of BBC Shropshire to talk about my work

48) Stapped dear bones to my naked body with a friend I feared I’d lost.

49) Learned resilience and what life about

50) Hoped for a happy 2021 with all my loved ones around me.


I Was going to talk about each photo, but I’ve decided to simply share a gallery of my favourite photo from each month. I hope to see you all in the next year, and hope it brings us all what we need most.  Happy new year you lovely bunch.

Thank you so much to everyone who reads these blog posts ever week, your support always means the world to me. If you’ve read this far, please message me at to say so and I will send the biggest virtual hug of your life! Also please let me know if you want me to continue doing theses weekly blogs, I have cherished the consistency this project has brought me! Or perhaps I can go onto even greater projects- lets see what 2021 brings. <3

1) January

2) February

3) March

4) April

5) May

6) June

7) July

8) August

9) September

10) October

11) November

12) December. (coming soon.)

Til next year beautiful folk,

infinite love.

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