Monthly Reflection: March

What. A. MONTH!

If we thought is was starting funny, boy were we no way near prepared for what was in stall for us!

All I can really reflect on this month is how incredibly scaring, humbling and uniting it has been. The world has been put on stand-still, normality holding off till who knows when. 

I have created, but not to the full volume I was hoping to; postponing any shoots I had with models, only sharing shoots with models I had done previously (as attached above!) But recent events have thrown the biggest spanner into the most already complex of works. My self portraits have taken full fruition and are keeping my creative juices flowing through this difficult time…

‘The bonds we break, into a beautiful beginning.’

I started by creating this photo, back when everything was simpler. I created it in collaboration with Adam Hague on Instagram for a project he was working on called #March_True, all about marching to the beat of your own drum, and being your truest self. 

I was so honoured to be asked to help on this project, as it was right up my alley in terms of what I hope my work to express. I knew I wanted to elaborate on a past concept I’ve worked with before: a puppet on strings. I thought this would match perfectly! I decided to shoot it on location and add a theatrical element I am hoping to add into my work. It was so much fun to shoot as I got to jump about and basically dance on  top of a windy hill. Although I may have sprained my arm with the amount of jumping and inevitable falling I was going!!

The Sad Clown II

Next- I had prepared to do a photoshoot with an incredible model, who I had planned to work with for a while now. Only to have it postponed because of Corona worries! I had asked my friend/MUA Nicole to help on the shoot and then sty over after for a well-needed catch up and night in. It was then Nicole’s idea to still create a look together on me, so we could still come away with some photos.

I messaged Nicole saying how I would love to create an extension on a photo we did a while ago, where we collaborated on an idea to create a mask like makeup look of a clown. I always wanted to create a broken version of this, where the makeup had ran, but still looked as beautiful. We found some inspiration photos and Nicole put her own, AMAZING twist on it! I love the result, it was nothing like I was expecting, but thats why its so much fun to collaborate with incredible talents and trust their skill and creativity. 

The photos are going to be like the second part of the series, with another in the works- being even more smeared and a chaotic explosion of colour, I can’t wait!


I don’t want to talk too much about this, but I’d thought I’d share a photo from a shoot I did this month, one all about insecurities and how we hide how we feel. Its almost one extension of my ‘the form’ series, but veering off to a different concept. 

I really enjoyed shooting this as it was a photo I attempted to shoot once, but didn’t come across how I hoped it would. So I spontaneously decided to go back out and shoot in a more fitting costume. I still can think of another way to shoot that I want to try, so that will probably be another extension of this extension! 

Blog post with the final photo coming soon <3

So all in all, this month has been nothing short of chaotic, I have thrown myself into work, to avoid the stress of doing nothing. I have stepped back from creating, but decided to try and plan bigger concepts when I am able to be out and create more. I have come to realise that I have taken freedom for granted; the ability to explore as limitlessly as I want. I know now that I want to see more of the world and open my mind to the opportunities that have so easily been taken away. 

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