“No pain: No gain.”

thats the thing about pain,

they say you’re meant to gain from it.

But what happens when the due date 

of your gaining isn’t decided?

What do we do in the meantime until

we find the capability to gain. 

just pain…

‘better’- a photo acting as a diary entry as to how I was feeling- better; not totally there, but working on myself, feeling a little glisten.

That’s such a famous saying isn’t it? But how can we apply it to our businesses and life in general with a positive impact? 

I remember hearing this saying somewhere and wondering: in order to gain or succeed, do we HAVE to have pain first? Is it required?! 

I realised when I began to analyse this saying, that I put all the focus of the meaning on the gain side, when really, we should think about the pain side a little more. Instead of it being a mantra about basically “you’ll succeed eventually” what if it was a message to those who are already in pain? Instead of “in order to succeed, you’ll go through some bad stuff” I think its more “this pain won’t last, but we need to experience this in order to appreciate the good that we deserve.” 

To know what rock bottom feels like, and see our progress to our goals from that place. I’ve come to understand that in order to go somewhere, we need something to encourage us. What is our drive? Can pain encourage us to be somewhere else? Perhaps we see what life could be like if we didn’t pursue our goals, and we are encouraged to not exist in that pain, but find our gain for ourselves. 

So I decided to try and live in this way, according to this interpretation of this mantra. Live understanding my pain, and seeing it as a stepping stone to greater things. I don’t want to exist in that sadness, but instead channel it into bold moves and strides to greatness.

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