Music as Inspiration

Music is one really big inspiration in my work. Much like what I had talked about in a previous blog post, where I opened up about inspiration in my work, I find music is a new avenue of inspiration I have come to explore and inevitably admire and put into my work. It has always inspired me in someway, but now more then ever I have come to learn how it really impacts me personally. 

-how music has influenced my life.

When I was younger, I would spend every Saturday going to stage school. I would learn all things performance, it made my little heart burst joy- being able to express myself so honestly and in such a fun, vibrant way. In a sense, I want to honour that child that still dwells within me, and feel inspired by the same things I once did. 

I still get teary when I hear a beautiful piece of music, thinking about a performance containing that song, on a giant stage, lit up by a single spotlight. I hope now that I have remembered how inspiring theatre and music is to me, that I can continue to put this into my photography now. 

‘curl up and die, butterfly’ inspired by the song:

I have attached some photos of mine, that were inspired by pieces of music, whether it was during conceptualising, or later when I had completed the photo, finding the music that matched the feeling of the photo perfectly.

‘unfold me’ inspired by ‘breathe me’ by Sia:

I have also had the honour of creating some work for musicians (listed on the CV page on my website) This was something I never thought I’d be up for doing, but once I started, I really fell in love with capturing other artists. It is something I definitely hope to do more of, hopefully capturing their main album/singles as well as beautiful portraits of them to use for promotional purposes (send any musicians you know my way for some photos!)

‘a head full of dreams’ inspired by the same titled album by Coldplay, for a college project:

I would love to know if music inspired you in anyway? Or if you have any and memories of certain songs, that may inspire you to this day! I truly feel music has a way of connecting us all together and uniting us to celebrate and feel so honestly. 

‘relation in time’ inspired by London Grammar: (as well as a Brooke Shaden photo.)

An updated edit from ‘Bones’ inspired by one of my favourite songs: ‘bones’ covered by Rebecca Ferguson.

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