The Beauty Of Self Portraiture

Self Portraiture has always been a way for me to create freely and honestly.

I mostly began this journey, back in 2013, taking majoritively self portraits. These acted as the foundation of my creative journey. I was able to learn about how to take photos of people. I was able to have freedom to play, fail, learn and grow. 

It is because of the amount of self portraits I took, both good and bad, that I am able to be where I am today. It is because of everything I learned in this time of sitting in my bedroom, spending the whole day creating photos that I feel that I can offer better images for clients, for my audience. And I feel like I am now worthy of any success.

Some of my favourite self portraits from 2019.

Ever since I found photography, I recognised the beauty of self portraiture, leading me to find the beauty in myself. I began to recognise the spectrum of individuality that lived within me, I could cherish who I was growing up to be, capturing the lessons I had learned.

I make this blog post as a way of opening your minds to the possibility of self portraiture, and how it has helped me find confidence and love in myself. Each self portrait you see of me has a part of me in it, its as if you’re being introduced to me a little more with each one I create. 

some of my favourite self portraits from 2020.

I highly encourage anyone out there who is kind enough to support me by reading these blogs, to try taking a self portrait. Take this challenge as abstractly as you want! Take a photo of yourself like I do, or take a selfie on your phone that makes you feel good, write something about yourself- poem or a journal entry of sorts, treat yourself to something just for the sake of it or any other way you can create something for yourself. At the end of the day, this is what a self portrait acts as to me: a moment for myself and an opportunity to try something that I can experience for myself. 

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