in the pursuit

I am in the pursuit of something. 

something that is full of something-ness.

we content our lives with content

waiting to be filled 

do we wait for inspiration 

or decide to find it for ourselves?

lately, I have been contemplating what I want to fill my life with, whether it is in the creative arts, or something entirely opposite. As I become more and more adult, I begin to realise that life is my choice; it is my choice to pursue it however I want. I havr found my self opening up to new possibilities; ones I never thought I could ever rally place myself in. Working in theatre- set and costume design, working on and around the stage, something I used to believe was my calling since I was a kid. I also (more recently) considered caring and teaching, something I never thought I’d have the patience for, but would be a beautiful responsibility to care for others. Theses are all roles I only dreamt of achieving, but the reality is that as an adult, I can truly try anything and everything!   

In life, we know theres something there for us, it is deciding the best way to pursue it. over worry and tend to never strive for that very thing. But I am trying to conquer that worry about push through, because the very thing I hope to find will change my life for the better. 

‘the form’ a new photo from a series I am sharing next month in the part two to this post- titled ‘in the midst.’ <3 

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