1 Incredible Talent VS Good at Lots

I had this thought on the drive home from a busy day of shooting and seeing lots of amazing friends; I thought about my talent, and how I do what I do, to the best of my ability (naturally!) And how I describe myself in a certain way “A fine art/fashion photographer” that’s what I do and thats what I love to do. But after working with a friend of mine who is a budding model, I encouraged her to pursue a plethora of styles, we did more street and catalogue fashion esque headshots. I said about us trying more high end fashion in the future and that it’s amazing to show a dynamic range of work. 

I also recently spoke to a fellow creative friend about my portfolio, she helped review what I was putting out to clients and people alike. She mentioned showing variety and boast my variety of work. I completely agree! I could do with expanding my work and showing my spectrum of talents. But at the same time, I thought (and said) that I need to home in more on what I do best and what I want my business to be about…

I asked myself, what do I want my legacy in my creative industry to be: 

“He could do it all, you name it and he could take a photo of it!”


“His work was so beautiful and delicate, it really inspired me how he brought light and darkness together.”

I don’t know about you, but the latter sounds much nicer to be etched in peoples memories! 

I realised that I would so much rather be a master at MY craft, knowing through and through what I am doing and offering that to the best of my ability, over trying a bit of everything and not being passionate or confident in what I do. Don’t get me wrong, I will always try new things, but only if I know it’s going to benefit or further what I already know, or bring something new to my craft. I am keen to use multi-media and videography to aid a couple new series that are in the pipe works. I am always growing and learning; what I think I know now, will be nothing on what I am going to know the more and more I pursue my dreams. 

So going forward. I am aiming to define what I want to be doing more, working out my specific niche and what makes me shine. And from there, I want to work out where I have room to expand; to allow variety into that specific style. My hope is that I can create in a fairytale, surreal way- capturing beauty without making it about beauty (if that makes sense?) And from there, working out how I can expand, whilst benefitting my defined style. It’s a balancing act, but if I intend to turn this into a business, there has to be room to adapt to certain situations. I will be proud of my 1 incredible talent, and let other little talents aid and lift that 1 main talent.

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