Love Letter to Self.

Dear future me,

I exist knowing everything that I know, taking each moment from my past as a life lesson. I hold onto those memories (as faint as most may be by now) and continue this journey with them close by.

My past makes me who I am, and it has helped build the tall figure that I exist as today. Those moments of joy, confusion, experience and sorrow, they were meant for a reason: to help you…

The me today dwells in a present existence, one filled with worry and joy, both at the same time and in multiple combinations. 

I adore the thought of you- of one day meeting you, the version of me that has perhaps achieved those long awaited goals, the version of me that’s not afraid to read a book, to say that thing that’s on their mind, to be whoever they want to be. 

Could it be that I romantise you in my mind, that this love letter is a flirtatious devise to connect with my future self 

I hope that my future is full of lessons and growth, a life I can live where I don’t dwell to much on bad decisions or regrets, but let myself live beyond those moments.

I hope you’re okay? I hope you’re well? I hope you’re happy? Don’t listen to that negativity, its ok its there, but don’t let it rule you. Enjoy that moment, tomorrow may be a whole lot worse so don’t wish it sooner. Today is your day, it’s ok to not like where you are right now, but this moment has value too.

You WILL get there, it may feel like its oceans away, but everyday is a little closer to getting there, today has value and is an important stepping stone to getting there. You will get there, my future. <3

To me,

from me.

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