‘Worthy.’ - Do We Deserve Success?

No matter how many gems they would stick on that crown, the value of it would not grow greater in his eyes…

Do we Deserve Success? What makes us worthy of the greatness that is either bestowed upon us, or the kind that we earn? More recently, I have been trapped in a feeling of not deserving success; that if I put work in where I need to, that the achievements I may earn don’t belong to me. 

To be worthy of your accomplishments is to work hard, and to know that the work you’ve put in has gotten you greatness. I believe that every king that has had a crown bestowed onto his head, has had a moment of questioning his abilities to rule, much like how I see any success of mine as mis-placed luck! I have come to admit to myself now that this is more like an excuse not to try. That because I don’t feel worthy of success, I won’t try to claim it. Instead of trying to find it in what I am greatly passionate about, and not what I presume I need success in. We all strive for our own kind of accomplishments, something that others may not understand the value of, but to us- is the biggest crown you could possible wear! 

I wanted to create a character that encapsulated this feeling; a new-in-line king that is too young to be ready to rule. He wanders that edges of his kingdom, contemplating who he has to become. Success is something he never considered striving for, but understands the value of it. I shot with a cloak and crown that I hired from the Royal Shakespeare Company as they called to me for a character of regal status, but I love the idea of juxtaposition that with a character who doesn’t fit that prophecy, but is in-between embracing the opportunity.

Have you ever experienced this feeling of not feeling good enough to deserve greatness? Do you believe in the success that comes your way, and do you strive for it or let if fall upon you? 

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