Weekly Planner for a Photographer

As a photographer, I like to make sure I am able to consistently create content that I can share, that matches my style, fulfils my artistic voice, and can connect with my following. I find that organising my time wisely allows me to prevent deviating away from my passion; setting myself attainable goals to follow by. Since I am committing more to my business, I am planning a rota for myself, where each day in the week, I will aim to attain something. I hope to give each day value in order to propel my business further.


   - A day of planning: I hope to make Mondays the days where I plan my entire week, setting myself (accomplishable) goals for myself to achieve by the end of the week, this may include things like: write 3 blog posts, email 10 potential clients and so on, dedicating this time to getting all my ideas out and planning.(I also hope to be sharing a blog post, something more informative like this one.)  

Tuesday and Wednesday:

   - These days will be for my regular job, working in retail to help myself financially, I will be free in the mornings so can dedicate this time to any other jobs that may need doing, in a short space of time (like little photoshoots or meetings.)

Thursday and Friday:

   - Both these days will be focusing on the more creative side of what I do, allowing time to create and work with other like-minded creatives. I hope to be able to work on more extravagant imagery, that I had planned the Monday before. (Thursday will also be a day to share a blog post, perhaps a specific theme every thursday but thats undecided as of yet.)


   - I will be free for roughly half every Saturday, doing a shorter shift at my regular job, but the other half will be focused more on family time and weekend shooting if I need people that are only free on the weekends.


   - I hope to make Sundays a day of rest. Where I see family, friends (which I am sure I’ll be doing during the week anyways when I have free time) and getting away from my computer and relaxing, before starting the cycle again.

I believe that planning your time like this helps you to organzine your time more wisely and productively. When I don’t do things like write myself a list of goals for that day, the night before, I tend to go a-stray and feel like I haven’t accomplished anything that day. This is something I know I want to avoid and hope will keep me going and help me to run my business more successfully. So if I keep to this rota, you will be getting two blog posts a week from me! If theres anything in particular you wish to read about or learn about from me, please leave it in the comments below and I will try to include it in a post!


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