‘To The Ones I Love.’

“A small photo series of portraits, dedicated to the people that have a positive impact in my life; to the ones I love, and that have shown me love back…”

This last year has taught me that friends can quite easily turn their back on you, hurting you in the process. For a while, I thought this meant that I shouldn’t put trust into friends. But it only reminded me of the friends that are in the shadows, always around but aren’t always fully present in my life. These are the friends that I have had for the longest time.

I grew up with these people, seeing how they blossomed, and how I inevitably blossomed also. We grew together and sure enough stayed as close as ever, despite our separation due to uni, college, work, relationships e.t.c. We would always end up gravitating back together and be there for each other when we needed it. 

So after I was reminded of how valuable my real friends are, I thought about my two worlds: one of fantasy and creativity- and the other being the incredible real world I live in, outside of the first, and how I could create with these two worlds combined.

I wanted to create detail orientated portraits some of my closest friends; a dedication to each one and show the people the have been in the past, the people they are in the present day, and who I see them becoming/they wish to be. I let each one choose a word or two (which was a lot harder to think up of than anticipated!) to best describe themselves. Each photo is meant to be a token of what they mean to me, and can be like a scrapbook entry into a diary of our friendship.

Katie: ‘Wanderer.’

The first friend I am sharing with you is Katie. She is one of the most hardworking and persistent people I have met.

When I asked Katie to try and pick a word to describe the person she wishes to be, she picked ‘wanderer’- keen to travel and to see the world. So I decided to capture her as that version of herself; full of adventure and ready to unlock her destiny.

Katie is now working as an ambulance driver and is always telling us stories of her encounters with patients and how intense it can be! I love hearing her talk about it because she is so knowledgeable on the subject and opens my eyes to a whole other world- something I’d love to do with my work as well.


Ellie: ‘Compassionate’

Ellie to me, is an amazing friend of many incredible qualities. Her love for animals, the way she can make me laugh from saying just a single work I won’t mention the word here! And how compassionate she is.

I dreamed up a photo for Ellie that was capturing her optimism in life, and the transformation she is going through as she ventures out into the scary world!
Ellie has been one of my longest and closest friendships, she is always so positive and caring. We have the best times when we get together and I can’t wait to see where she goes, and to be by her side through it all. 

Charlotte:’ bright.’

Charlotte is one of those people that could go either one of two ways (perhaps doing both if possible!) The artistic route, or a more intellectual based route- being amazing at them both! I feel as though she can be simply labeled as one or the other, having the pressure of being what that label means, I’ve come to admire how Charlotte is still growing and finding her path, one lead with what she has come to learn and leading her to be whoever she choose…

Bright is the perfect word for Charlotte as it has so many meanings; bright as in smart, or bright as in light, hopeful and optimistic. This is Charlotte to a T!

I knew for this photo that I had to transform Charlotte into a renaissance, yet futuristic time-lord princess… thing! Absorbing knowledge and looking out to where said knowledge could take her.


Viatriz: ‘Ineffable.’

Only Viatriz could come up with such a fabulous word! And it perfectly encapsulates her essence…

I would simply describe Via as ‘infinite’ as its the world I remember so fondly us talking about. I can only truly think of Via as ‘beyond words’ for she is one of the greatest friends I have ever had.

When we were younger, Via was the creative on of us. She showed me the ways of art and how it can open up new worlds! I was a theatre student before, leaving that behind to go into drawing and painting, then fashion design and now photography: where I hope to capture all of these elements in a beautiful, united choreography. It was like I was finally able to breath and begin living!

I want to thank Via for being such a positive friend, I have seen the hardships and pain you’ve been through, trying to stand besides you whilst you’ve gone through it all to make it somewhat easier. You’re on an incredibly exciting path to great things- I can tell! You’ve shown me so much love and happiness and I will forever be so thankful for your valuable friendship and for what is in store for you! 


that’s us! 

It has felt so rewarding to be able to create in this way; to allow myself to open up to unique opportunities and take them whole heartedly! I have learned about myself as an artist through this mini-series and where my heart wishes to take me. I am hoping to build onto this series with more of my incredible friends, and maybe even some family members too. 

I want to thank everyone who has read this far for following me on my journey, you’re all so amazing and I am forever so grateful for this opportunity to share with an inspiring community that motivates me to shine on. <3 

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