prioritising prioritise

I wanted to talk today about what it means to balance the many focuses we may have. For me, I find I have many separate focuses in life, which can be broken down into two main catalogues: loved ones and work.

Lets break these down further…


This one used to be my most confident and sure one: I could talk forever about how “photography is my LIFE” and ” I am a creatively destructive bein-” or something like that! But now more than ever, I am beginning to learn that this doesn’t have to be my defining priority. They always say that your work will never walk out on you, but as I enter adulthood, I begin to realise that this is very true, but it also the biggest load of nonsense- all at the same time!- For you see, I will agree that work is an entity in itself; something that you do, and isn’t much else then that! But I have come to understand that the REAL loved ones that shine a light in our darker days are the ones I wish to focus my time on. 

My work is (at the moment) my part-time job in a supermarket, a struggling self-employed photographer and a job seeker who is looking around for jobs in the theatre and costuming world…

I oddly feel as-though I have been hiding a secret part of myself, reminding me of a time before I had come out to my loved ones. My love for theatre is one that I belive I have had passed on from my family (I am beginning to notice that this is meant to be the work priority, and yet, everything always circles back to loved ones…) 

I am keen to explore my love for theatre this year and see how I can incorporate it into what I do, harnessing it for my photography business.


Recently I am learning that I am more focused on my loved ones: family, friends and people in my life that bring me joy. These are the people that if everything else crumbles (which it has) they are still there. I want to dedicate more of myself to them as a thank you for them doing the same for me.

I have incorporated them more into my work life; doing a series of photos with some of my best friends, and generally having them model in my work. My MUA Nicole has now become one of my best friends, and I will be her bridesman next year and I always like to show my family my photos before I share them online, to get their honest opinions. 

But still, I find myself always circling back to them, realising that I can be a very honest version of myself around them. As I get older (I’m only 22 I’m not old but still!) I realise what makes a family member or friends truly important, one that I can share part of my life with, and one I want to be there for whenever I can. I choose to make them a big part of my life, and try to share myself as much as I can with them.


I am still working on what this balance means in my life and how I can prioritise both to the best of my ability. They are two different entities in my life, having a different kind of importance in my life. I would love to know what you think of when you think of prioritising and how it is a part of your life. <3

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