My Hopes for 2020.

With 2019 being over, we are given an opportunity to start fresh- an official new beginning that allows us to try new things, and become open to new opportunities. 

I like to believe that we can take this opportunity whenever throughout the year, but it can feel more reassuring what this change in the calendar approaches. 

I never like to set resolutions necessarily, for living up to expectations like that, and having 365 days to accomplish them is near impossible, and not a good practise; instead, I try to write down what I hope to gain from this time I have been blessed with. I try to not set specific targets, but instead, jot down what direction I wish to be going towards; what path I wish to be on.

1) Continue Creating

I hope to carry on creating as I am, but better- more photos, more series of work and more exploring my creative potential. I hope that I can explore different mediums, such as costume and set design, as well as writing (like these blog posts.) It is when we try new things, we begin to open our minds to new ways of inspiration that can unlock a new way of creating, perhaps making a dress will inspire me to create a series where the dress engulfs the model and drowns her out (writes that down in my notebook of ideas!) It is when we get ourselves out of our ruts/routines that we can see new potentials in our work. I hope to try lots of new things, as in the fore-front, I am an artist, I may tell people that I am a such and such photographer, but truthfully, art is where I can always call home.

2) Work more

I am a part time sales assistant, I do this because I love to work, and I also like to have money (those bills don’t pay themselves) but truthfully, the first point is very accurate, I like to work- and hard! I dropped my hours at my sales assistant job to make time for photography work; choosing to prioritise my time for any and all work I may get through my business. But truthfully, this hasn”t gone to plan. Since about June of 2019, I have been picking up full time hours, which has been great for the bank (sort of) but means I haven’t had the best time managment when it comes to my photography. The time I have free I spend on relaxing. Which of course, is very important to do, but we need time for our work. 

So in this coming year, I hope to take my business more seriously, I am battling between turning my photography into my business, or make it a hobby- so this year I want to have a final go at making my photography the business I believe it truly can be. I hope to attain more clients, sell prints in galleries and do more weddings. All this won’t be achieved straight away this year, but I can have a jolly good go at it- I will contact some more galleries about exhibiting my work, find more magazines to submit my editorial work to, begin doing wedding fayers and meet happy couples in beautiful venues and put myself out more into the world and connect with new people that can help elivate and inspire my work.

3) Enjoy every moment.

Yes! Whilst a lot of work is to be done, I do dream of every minute I get to share with my loved ones; the family and friends and supporters that have been there for me. I hope to make more time to treasure all of them and allow myself distance from my work, when I may need it. To relax in a beneficial way to my happiness and health.

Every Monday, I will aim to share a new blog post, each with the intent of inspiring, motivating and encouraging anyone that may need it.

Heres some of my favourite photos I took in 2019:

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