Monthly Reflection: September

September has come and gone, flown by! 

Its been a month of trying to take action on my birthday goal for this year: to be bold. This is something I dive deeper into through the blog.

Heres a list of little wins I’ve had:

- Created a new ‘our beautiful demise’ photo for my new series

- Had a bunch of incredible designer pieces sent to me to photograph.

- Completed little jobs that I was putting off

- Turned 23, had a weekend away with my love and at one point, turned my phone OFF!

- Got tipsy on white wine spritzers with my love whilst we were away and played card games

- My deer bones arrived for a new ‘our beautiful demise’ photo concept

- bought new clothes are totally scary but so me to wear!

- did something personal that felt scary

- assisted on a wedding workshop, made some incredible friends.

- Modelling for a styled wedding shoot with my love for a fellow photographer friend.

- Oh and… GOT ENGAGED!!!

Unfortunately a couple sadder things also happened, myself and my parter witnessed a car crash that sadly resulted in one of the people involved to die. We are still a bit shaken up by it as it was only two cars in front of us and on a seemingly peaceful Sunday evening. We’re not hurt but very much in shock. I have also had some problems in my family that I won’t really dive into, but have been a bit difficult to wrap my head around, but we keep going and choose to see the good where we can. <3

photoshoot with Neve.

September 1st: in there with a shoot with an incredible model that I’ve worked with in the past. We met up and shot in a beautiful heather field that was ground about 50 minutes from me. I spent ages trying to come up with some sort of deep and meaningful reason or justification for throwing Neve into this heather field, but tbh: I haven’t got to shoot with models for like 5/6 months, so I decided that I didn’t a reason other then I really wanted to!

I had a vision of a beautiful model, in a beautiful flowing, matching dress. A princess like character that was so elegant and intentional (if that makes sense?) I am so happy with the result; it was a gentle reminder of just how I love to see the world and what visuals really draw me in.

We then felt we got that, so moved on and shot a whole different idea, one that came to us mutually during shooting. This was the idea of a fallen circus tent, with her being in the centre of it. I adored this sudden idea and how creativity naturally came our way. 

When it was time to finish, we ended up chatting loads about personal things we never knew we shared, which was a personal highlight. <3

be bold, birthday portrait.

Every year for the last 4 years, for my birthday, I have created a self portrait. This usually details who I have been for the last year and who I wish to be as I get older. I talk about my goals and who I wish to be, this year I hoped for myself, boldness. To be more outspoken with the gift of my voice, one I once never had due to going through speech therapy as a child.

This idea took quite a long time to conceptualise, for I couldn’t quite see the visual yet, but after a talk with my mom, she helped me to see it. I could see a version of myself hidden behind glass, breaking through. Somehow, this version of myself would find the courage to break free and do what is needed of them. I really hope that I am able to this in life, to believe In my self more.

trip to the Peak District 

After my birthday, my partner and I went on a trip to the Peak District, this was a very much overdue getaway. We had strategically planned each day (which was so satisfying to my little autistic heart!) and where we wanted to go, we had gotten ourself a sweet little air b&b which was facing a village hall, school and church (safer then safe I think!) We cooked dinners for ourselves after each day of adventures and long walks, drank white wine spritzers and thoroughly enjoyed our social media detox and escape into the country side. (I also for some reason got really moody for one of the days but we turned it around!)

‘fairytales exist’ 

A last minute concept I came up, to shoot this stunning crown Mr Mortimers Wife kindly leant to me to shoot (also used in my Neve photoshoot.) I shot this in my back garden, as was something I felt captured my newly found, deeper love for magic and enchantment.

ageing, apart of my ‘our beautiful demise’ series I am working on.

I had written a short artistic writing blog post last week (which is still on my blog is you wanted to have a read) about my personal journey with my age. I have wanted to for a while create a photo that was a representation of visual ageing that forms over our faces. I felt this would work perfectly for my new series, about loss and remembering how things once were. I found these leaves on day when out shooting and photographed them with a macro lens, to later use for such concept.

The layering is still potentially a work in progress, and the final photo won’t be shared until the series is completely, so please enjoy a couple little previews in the meantime.

assisting on a recent ‘photography farm’ styled wedding workshops.

Finally, I had the honour of assisting on a workshop ran by Photography Farm and Rebecca Carpenter. They were after a couple assistants to help with all manor of things, which to be honest, is what I love most to do in photography. I love being able to do the little things that go into the final photos. I love looking at a photo taken by someone and seeing that the dress looks a certain way because of my decision to adjust it, or moving something slightly to look better (a little detail someone else might not notice.) 

I greeted people as they arrived and made sure we all waited outside for social distance, I had also brought chocolate roses with me for people to snack on, and took it upon myself to adjust the dresses each time we’d move location. I always find such fondness with working with fabrics and dresses, so this was bliss to me, and was a detail that may have gone otherwise missed.


Workshop: @photographyfarm
Workshop Leaders: @devlinphotos & @rebeccacarpenterphotography
Planning & Styling: @thestarsinside
Workshop Assistants: @thomasoscarmiles & @lisabluefox
Venue: @walcothall
Videography: @rixweddings
Bridalwear: @victorialoubridal
Hair & Make-up: @stormemakeupartist
Flowers: @pheasant_botanica
Stationery & Calligraphy: @mathildalundinVeils: @sashandveil
Table Runner & Silk Ribbons: @pompomblossomTable Linen: @gaiabespokelinen
Cakes / Desserts: @thesweetestthingcakery
Rings: @erincoxjewellery @moltenweddingringco
Jewellery: @martefrisnesjewellery
Headpieces: @rachelchaprunne
Hats: @chapeauuk
Shell Crown: @discordiadesigns
Couples: @officialrmgmodels_ & @kathrynmegan_

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