Monthly Reflection: June

As we come to the end of June, its time to reflect on what this month has brought me and see how far we’ve come.

Some things I’ve been able to achieve:

1) Went to a Black Lives Matter protest

2) Attended my Brooke Shaden mentoring group every Saturday.

3) Joined in lots of my family’s online quiz’s.

4) Had distanced walks with my partner

5) A distanced BBQ with my in-laws.

6) Created new work, some for a new series I am working on.

7) Planned some exciting new concepts!

8) Started crafting some props for photoshoots.

9) Got my new car!!!


Black Lives Matter.

This month was the increase in awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement, I felt that as someone with a platform and voice, it was my duty to raise awareness in anyway I could. I sent a photo to be published in the Black Lives Matter publication of Lensation magazine, I talked about it on my instagram and shared information and news on my story where I could. I hoped that I could spend time educating myself on the issues and find opportunities in my day-to-day to block any racism. 

I was also grateful that a town near to where I live was doing a small protest, I knew that I wanted to use my body and my voice to help if I was able to, so we marched, chanted (some of which I started) and we fought for equality, something I will always fight for no matter who it may be for. If they deserve the freedom to not live in fear, then I will choose to fight for them.

About me.

I found inspiration in an old post I did, at least 5 years ago, where I had casually written some little facts about me, just to open up a little more about me and clarify somethings to my audience, and myself. I decided to create an updated version of this, talking about some facts I am only recently learning about myself. Some about my autism, growing up and some more light-hearted ones. 

I now know that I hope to connect with my audience, and let them know more about myself. I hope to be vulnerable with them, with the hopes that they feel comfortable enough to do the same with me back.

The Spaceman’s Voyage into his Dreams II & New Day.

These photos were taken with two different intentions in mind:

The first being dedicated to my nan, who’s birthday it would have been on the day of sharing it, I shot the photo on her bench that we were able to keep. I thought up the concept of dreaming in the clouds; voyaging further into your dreams. 

The second is a part of my autism series *potentially going to be titled autos or autismus* It is about how sometimes, I depend on the promise of a new day to shake a mood off, once I’ve slept on the problem, I usually feel more clarity to solve the problem.

These photos were really rewarding to create because they were more composited, which meant they were a little more of a challenge to make a reality.


Strong, But Soft.

Now that the UK’s lockdown is slowly being lifted, we were able. spend the day In my sisters garden, where I got to see my nephews. We played outside only, and because of that, we went spiderweb hunting. I taught them about how delicate and valuable they are, and how we mustn’t touch them as they’re a spider house. My oldest nephew described them as “strong, but soft” and I just felt that! 

So I decided to do a photo inspired by this idea, as its a theme I hope can really define my style and intent: strength and softness at the same time. Its so rewarding to bring family and friends into my work, as I really cherish their midsets and love to make my work seem less like work, and more like the enjoyable process it used to be.

Masking triptych.

As many of you may know, I am currently prioritising my new series I am working on, all about my personal experiences with autism, as well as hopefully in the future when its safer to shoot, capture other peoples experiences. As my Brooke Shaden mentoring group sadly came to an end, our last piece of  homework was to create a triptych (series of 3) showing what we have learnt on this course as a last horrar! I felt so much pressure the week of creating this series, as I knew that I have learnt of this course about being more vulnerable and being more open with everyone. So I knew I had to create this mini series about a specific part of autism which is called ‘Masking.’

I highly encourage you to do some research on the topic, as I have been doing as its something that deeply affects some people on the autistic spectrum. I have only just began to learn that it is something I do without thinking, and can affect your mental health after a while. 

This series is intended on highlighting this issue and visualising how I feel each day in public situations, around other people. This series is honestly some of my best work (to me at least) its my exact style and perfectly captures what I want to be saying.  

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