in the midst

here I am

present in today

I have done what I said I would

what I said I could

and I am in the middle of something.

the pursuit is done

and now I need to unlock what

is needed of me.

part 2 to ‘in the pursuit’

The pursuit is complete, so what next? Where do we go once we have taken that leap of faith and gone for what we desire most? It is up to us to direct our decisions and move froward pro-actively. I have decided to try and practise this more and learn to open up more to opportunity.

I thought I’d share a series I created over a year ago, one I’ve felt very reluctant to share. But I’ve decided to try and share myself more openly and without barriers.


This series was one I created over a year ago, inspired by insecurities I’ve had since I can remember. I have always had some insecurities over my body and my size, so I wanted to try and create a series about this and quietly capture the essence of how this feels.

I’ve had this fascination with the idea of ‘form’ and how many meanings this word has, keeping in form; keeping to a norm. It can also mean shape as a visual link. I grew this fascination with altering the norm we perceive of a body; changing the viewers perception on how we can look and how we identify a human. The connection we have to body sizes varies. In these photos, you can tell its a human-like figure, but I hoped it would act as the early stages of this idea, how we don’t know where their skin begins, and the clothing they’re wearing starts. 

I have had a deep interest in this since I was younger, but only as an adult have I been able to begin opening up about how this could be visualised and conceptualised into my work. I like to consider this series as a diary, like those videos you see of flowers slowly blooming. This is a concept I hope to tackle again in the future, once I have restored my confidence a little more and can transform my vision in a more elaborate and surrealist way. It is a work in progress, I am a work in progress. <3

in form, informed, informal, the form

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