How to: Dream

So, a pretty vague title right? Why don’t we dissect it a little and see what we can take from this idea that popped into my head one day!

For me, asking myself how I dream is all about my ability to conceptualise my ideas. I always try to think deeper into each idea I want to create; drawing out a quick tech of the idea I have in my head, later breaking that down into two paragraphs: technical tools I need, and emotional queues. (I talked deeper about planning ideas in my June blog post ‘Notebook of Ideas.’)

I always follow this method to create my work in some form, as it helps me to remember everything I may need to bring that photo to life.

Planning my art is so beneficial for me, as it clears my mind to imagine more. I am given the permission and the space to create mentally, one of my favourite parts of what I do.

a before and after of planning and creating my birthday portrait for this year ‘be bold.’ As you can see, ideas always change and grow as you bring them too life.

In terms of me personally, and my philosophy on dreaming in my everyday life, its a bit of a rollercoaster. If you ask most people, they would say a great place to imagine, dream or conceptualise is through books! The power of reading or something like that! For me, I have some sort of fear of reading. I really dislike it!!! I know exactly where it stems from- my love for T.V as a kid and then inevitably being forced to read books to the point I’d cry. So as an adult, I try to read, but I find it so difficult to do. I can’t immerse myself like everyone else says they do, nor can I find the joy in it. I am getting better and conquering this fear, but it will take some time (and a VERY good book.)

I was also diagnosed with a mild form of Autism as a kid, and one of the notes I picked up on when recently looking through the paperwork of my sessions as a child was the parts where they described lacking an imagination. This is a common part of autism that can affect autistic peoples ability to imagine, conceptualise and I suppose perhaps even dream.

I wouldn’t be the first person to tell you that I am not the most original or uniquely creative person out there, but I feel that I have grown to be able to fantasise more then I probably could as a child; I can think of the impossible and wonder how to bring it to life, something that I feel I’ve had to work on and blossom into.


Keep dreaming! No matter what anyone tells you, its so important to dream, fantasise and imagine. For without these tools in our belt, the world is only two dimensional; limited of space and layers. I truly hope if anything at all, you take away from reading this that your imagination matters, some of the greatest ideas ever came up with were seen as just poppy-cock! So who knows where your imagination could take not only you, but us as well! <3

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