Half Way There! Reflection on 2020 so far.

Lets just take a second to breathe and reflect!

*in for 3*

*hold for 3*

*out for 3*

*thinks about this year so far*

*regrets thinking about this year so far*

Only joking! 

It has been a hurricane of a year, but one with some bright spots amongst the chaos.

What joy you may ask? But when we really look for them, in not only the obvious things, but in the little day-to-day things, they seem to outshine the bad stuff that we will hopefully forget about soon enough.

I had planned on creating this post at the start of 2020 when I was creating ideas for blog posts. Expecting to share some interesting stories of the crazy adventures I’ve been on, the experiences I’ve had with my loved ones and on shoots, not saying how I am coping and how real everything seems, no one could have predicted that! 

‘The bonds we break, into a beautiful beginning’

So far I have been in a whirlwind of emotions, 2020 has brought us a lot of trials and tribulations. I have been able to explore with my friends and family, seeing sights that have been nothing short of beautiful. And as quickly had that freedom taken away, through no-ones fault. But it has been a huge adjustment for us all.


Some things I have been able to do in this half of the year are:

- Be accepted onto Brooke Shaden’s mentoring group with some incredible fellow creatives, learning all the ins and outs to photography, that have opened my eyes on my capabilities.

- Start my #InstagramChoosesMyShoot project, where I let my Instagram followers choose parts of my photo.

- Thought harder on my business model and start working harder to pursue my goals.

- Thinking outside the box towards new series ideas, using new mediums and techniques to bring personally fulfilling ideas to life.

- Finding inspiration in new avenues, and incorporating them into my passion.

- About 20+ online quiz’s with family and friends!

- FINALLY done jobs that I’ve been putting off since the start of the year!

- Baked for the first time! (Raspberry and dark chocolate brownies)

- Grown my style of clothing, and found confidence in wearing the things I usually wouldn’t.

‘still hurting.’

I have most importantly not closed myself off. I think theres a stigma that with lockdown, isolation, distancing- whichever aspect to whats going on, that we are alone. When in fact, we are more united then ever. I have to keep reminding myself that we are all going through very similar things; that our problems all link, our humanity unites us. 


I hope that the rest of this year will bring new opportunities for me, ones where I can truly bloom. I hope that the UK’s lockdown can be safely lifted when it is right to do so, and that the world can resume a sense of normality, taking on board what we’ve learnt from this pandemic. 

Hopefully the rest of 2020 will be our opportunity to act on what we wish we could when in lockdown; hugging family, enjoying adventures and lovely meals out. I don’t need to rush these things and have them right away if its not safe, but I know that when we are able to, we will definitely appreciate each little moment of freedom we get just a little more. I know that I want to tackle the art gallery world, and begin trying to find representation for my work! I hope I am able to ask for opportunities and not think I need to wait for them to find me. I simply hope. <3

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