Finding Inspiration

Inspiration is such a key part to creativity, in the past I would tend to only seek inspiration through other photographers work. But more recently I have come to realise that there is so much inspiration to be found out there, in all kinds of mediums. Heres a list of some of my biggest inspirations:

1) Brooke Shaden, photographer

2) Theatre productions (specifically the costuming, company such as the RSC.)

3) Elements in nature.

4) Films such as: Into the woods and Hugo.

5) Family and friends who inspire me

6) Sunsets.

7) Artists like Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

8) Orchestral music.

9) Emotions I go through.

10) Quotes (usually via Goodreads.)

11) Fashion/Catwalk shows.

I truly that since I have chosen to find inspiration in new forms, I have felt more open to inspiration in all its forms, meaning that I am always able to find inspiration where ever I go. This is incredibly beneficial when you have periods of time where you struggle to feel inspired. Having many avenues of inspiration can mean you are less likely to struggle in finding inspiration. I have gone weeks where I have felt stuck and not inspired, but because I have so many ways of finding inspiration, I was more than able to begin planning concepts.

I tend to find a lot of inspiration through Pinterest, seeing interesting photos and pictures, saving them to appropriate folders. This helps me almost catalogue different kinds of inspiration so its always easier to revert back to if I am ever after a specific kind of inspiration. 

I feel that now I have unlocked these different kinds of inspiration sources, I am able to truly express my voice and better say what I’ve wanted to say this whole time.

I encourage you to try and seek inspiration through new avenues, is there something you know is completely opposite to your style or your way of thinking? Can you find inspiration through that? One way I’ve been considering doing this is through finding inspiration  in Politics and Religion, two topics I very rarely touch upon in my work. I have started to learn that my work deserves a voice of opinion, so I am slowly considering introducing my thoughts on these topics, to better tell my audience how I feel about these important issues. 

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