Consistency in the otherwise Inconsistent

I love this contrasting title, it’s one that spontaneously came to me, and I knew it would be perfect as a blog topic. 

So lets discuss shall we!

In these crazy times right now, I have come to accept that one of the greatest devices we have to aid us is our ability to find consistency in the inconsistencies of life. It is something I have grown to understand, and have learned its value in life when things may seem up in the air.

So what do we do when life seems inconsistent? I believe there are two options :

find normality, or find magic.

so how and why do we do this? I feel as though there are two category groups for people: up in the clouds dreamer, or someone who appreciates the ground. Perhaps you’re a little bit of both as I tend to be! 

We tend to only see things for what they are, so for the realists amongst us, what if they could become magical? What if we could consistently find fantasy in our lives, instead of only believing what exists presently is the capacity of life? Now this doesn’t have to be something literal, seeing a simple tree as one from a Disney film, singing and taking for example! But what if each moment we had could be one filled with magic; what if we opened ourselves more and embraced the true magic in the everyday occurrences we have. I believe that this will guide us to finding deeper appreciation in all we do.

I believe we can find magic in our everyday, and consistently maintaining it by finding opportunities for magic, acts of kindness and hope can go a long way, and can bring yourself and someone else joy. I encourage you to try seeking a bit of magic and fantasy in your life, go for a walk on a path you’ve never been on before, eat something new that you may never think to try. I think that magic can come in the tiniest of opportunities and they should all be cherished when we are able to. These small acts can slowly become consistent in our lives and sure enough, slowly, they will become a part of our day-to-day living.

When life seems inconsistent, normality can be a great companion, I simply encourage you to consider how you are able to find consistency when life doesn’t seem as such. Perhaps metaphorical magic and believing in something grander than what is apparent can help you to see life for more than what it is, to consistently find something worth holding into in those inconsistent times.

But for the more openly whimsical amongst and within us, how can we find normality or consistency in the surrealist swirl of life? How can we maintain that joy and feel as though magic is with us when we walk on the ground? We are not guaranteed whimsy in life, it may sometimes feel inconsistent, as thought it comes in waves. Sadness can sometimes come into play and the world may seem just a bit lower than normal. But that sense of normality of down-ness can be something we can embrace and seek shelter in, in a way. I sometimes worry that when I am down, that the joy I once felt; the magic I believed in may have vanished, never to return. However, this is not the case. It may seem to have disappeared, but it’ll only be temporarily. I guarantee that soon enough, you’ll find magic and joy once again. 

We can’t however, wish for the harsh realities of life to vanish, ignoring every sign of it’s existence. What we can do is embrace the darker days, where we are unable to float as high, as they are just as important. We can sit in those darker days, understand why they may be upon us, and soon enough, fully appreciate when that magic we felt returns. I believe that we feel this sadness, to begin appreciating the magic we are able to live in more. The ways in-which these juxtaposing states of being come into our lives may be inconsistent, not routinely to appear before us. This may make it harder to live in darker days as we felt unprepared for them. But we must go through them in order to understand what our joyous magic truly means to us, by embracing every emotion that comes our way, we are able to consistently find purpose and understanding, instead of only wishing for a false consistency of only happiness. 


I think as humans we are consistently inconsistent, so I hope to challenge your thoughts, how can you find consistency in the otherwise inconsistent? Can you open your mind to new possibilities, find magical opportunities in your everyday life, or find consistency when life seems like a tragic twist in a surreal fairytale.

So what would you rather do, find the magic in the everyday, or believe in a sense of normality in the everyday? <3

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