Sometimes our biggest achievements 

aren’t the shiny trophies

sat on the sill, amongst cobwebs and 


They’re the achievements that 

sit proudly in our hearts-

no dust, cobwebs or age

for they are forever being 

collected and hung proudly.

I could so go on about trophies and certificates e.t.c, the few I’ve been awarded are beautiful reminders of my success in what I love to do: “Pride of Shropshire” Finalist for the learner award, Shropshire Rotary Club’s ‘Young Photographer of the Year’ earning me a years membership to the Royal Photographic Society and some wonderful publications of my work. 

These have meant the world to me, for they stand for my ability to connect with people I don’t know, but are high up in my respected fields. The honour of being recognised for what I love truly warms my heart, for I always see myself as simply a kid who takes photos for true joy, so for others to recognise the talent I sometimes may not see in myself- is but a dream.

But in this post, I wish to talk about a different kind of achievement- one of a personal matter. Everyone of us, no matter our fields or worlds, have goals, dreams, hopes- whatever you want to call them. They exist inside all of us, but for what reason? Well this is entirely up to the person they sit inside, for they only show when we wish to see them. For a while I tried to push aside and hide my dreams, thinking that it was too inconvenient to include them in my life- this couldn’t be more wrong! They’re what guide us in life, and help us decided the person we wish to be.

I have days where I feel as though I have achieved nothing- where that metaphorical (and perhaps physical from time to time) trophy cabinet seems bare, but in reality, our achievements come in many shapes and sizes- mine are things I was able to grow the confidence to do, where I otherwise wouldn’t. This includes moments like, going to a new location I would normally be anxious about visiting, or shooting something I’d feel scared to do- which is exactly why I should do it! Or ever personal achievements like picking up a book, cooking a meal or going out of my way to make a friends day. 

I love to look onto these moments as real achievements, they really are when you think about it. We need to remember that not all greatness comes from monumental moments, but from the little things we do each day that strike importance in our lives. 

My aim for 2020 is to do more of these little goals, but to always see them as big opportunities, rejoicing in each and every one. And if any trophy sized achievements may come my way, I will appreciate them just the same.

Some of my more monumental achievements <3 

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