About me- Growing up.

“today you are you, thats is truer than true,

there is no one alive who is more you-er than you.”

-Dr Seuss.

I wanted to start these blog posts, introducing and new readers to me- and also any of my followers that may not know much about me. 

I was born on 9th September 1997, in Shrewsbury Hospital- I was a nice hefty baby weighing 9 pound 14 and a half ounces (my mom said she felt every bit of it!) Since then, I grew up with an amazing family around (two as my parents got divorced when I was 2.) I was later diagnosed with Autism around the age of 4, I wasn’t developing at a ‘typical’ rate and didn’t speak till the age of 5. My mom would take me to speech therapy where I would learn ‘Makatan’ and develop my communication skills. I am forever grateful to my mom and the ladies who supported me, especially Sandra <3

Growing up, I began to fall in love with the arts- first being theatre, every weekend I would go to my dads, where he’d take me to our local stage school, I would do acting, some singing and mostly I would do dancing. I ended up going to a higher level stage school as I got older, but perhaps regrettably dropped it for the pressure and doing exams for my passion took away the joy. I wish I could go back and do more dance/theatre, it is something I am learning to include again in my life.

As I began to enter junior and secondary school, I was fully able to communicate and would excel in certain lessons! English, Art, D.T and Drama would always make my day that bit brighter, especially from lessons like P.E, Science and Maths. I (and my family) have always knows that I wasn’t meant for a 9-5 ‘smart person’ job! But instead, one primarily in the arts. I was asked to start doing a Fashion GCSE two years early, and then found my love for fashion. 

I’ll be the first to say, that my childhood was incredible! It had its ups and downs, just like anybody else. But I still look fondly on the good times, and think on the bad times as learning opportunities. 

I truly have grown up, I have become more confident in myself since my childhood. I will also always hold my childhood close to my heart, going to places I used to go as a child and feeling it all over again. Our childhoods don’t have the define us, but they will always be apart of us. We can choose to move past them and see our adult lives as a separate entity, or fondly keep our pasts with us, for when we may need a moment of reflection.

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