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Editing Tutorial- 'Boxed In'

£15.00 GBP

19:05 minutes of a speed edit from start to finish of a compositing, conceptual piece. I narrate over the speed edit as to what choices I made to get to the final image, going over Photoshop and Lightroom tools that I use in my day-to-day editing routine.

Plus the full 1 hour 47 minutes of editing, talked through as I edit live.

When you've purchasing this item, I recommend emailing me at with your email, to let me know you've purchased this. The file is around 4000MB, so won't upload onto my store directly. Instead, contact me directly to confirm your order and then I will send you the dropbox link to get the tutorial once I have received payment. (YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE PRODUCT IF YOU DONT EMAIL ME. AND WILL ONLY RECEIVE IT ONCE PAYMENT IS CONFIRMED.)

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