Wishing to be remembered as someone who continues to push the boundaries and developing his craft, Thomas Oscar Miles is endlessly motivated to try new things and to put his full self behind and in front of the camera. His characters not only extend to his subjects but he also captures beautiful moments through his self portraiture. Such tests his ability to work with new ideas, techniques and details. Over the years he has developed his craft, heavily influenced by his love of fashion, storytelling and nature. Since taking up textiles up at school, raiding his nan’s jewellery collection and exposing himself to the powerful images of incredible artists and photographers over the years, Miles has now developed the mesmerising style he is synonymous - the perfect ‘sweet spot’ comprising of fairytales with a tinge of darkness- Yinsey Wang.

You can contact me at tomoscarmiles@gmail.com for further information and for any enquires. I look forward to hearing from you soon

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